About the Conference

Our world faces a few brand-new challenges today; one of the top issues on this list is the lack of water resources that threatens humanity as a whole. A reliable water supply and effective management of water resources is therefore a global-scale strategic objective. Azerbaijan is no exclusion here; the water resource management plays a critical role in terms of both ecology and water security of the state. Baku Water Week should serve a platform for the sector’s leading representatives and state officials to exchange their thoughts on water security and efficient use and management of water resources, as well as to present cutting-edge technologies and new areas of cooperation in the industry. During the conference, discussions will be held on Azerbaijan's close cooperation with foreign partners, debates on new and promising projects with current and new investors, expert forecasts, development of water resources in Azerbaijan. We are confident that the heads of companies, representatives of relevant ministries and international organizations, local and foreign experts participating in this conference will increase the importance of the event and give a boost to the development of partnerships in the water sector.