Collaboration is the way to go

Collaboration is the way to go

14 march 2024 0000
Thomas Rebermark, Director of Swedish Water House, Stockholm International Water Institute
My presentation is on water challenges when it comes to agriculture. Since water and agriculture are a global topic, my main focus is on how climate change and international processes and policy work can be part of the solution. Water is the bloodstream of the planet. If you don’t have water, you cannot survive. So, I am speaking about not using too much water out of the system for agriculture because then there is no water left. So, you need to find ways and means and regulations and policies that make you govern the water resources in the best possible way for people and planet.
It is the first time I am here, and it is the first Baku Water Conference. The organizers of this forum have managed to attract and demonstrate a variety of aspects and perspectives from different organizations and sectors, also thematically.
I am impressed by the holistic perspective and view that so far has been presented by all the speakers and panelists. What I have learned at this event, perhaps from a Swedish perspective, is that I wasn’t aware of the strong connections that exist in the dialogues between the Swedish Ambassador’s representation and Swedish companies here in Azerbaijan.
Among the focal points discussed at this forum are innovations, but not only technical innovations, but also innovation in collaboration and cooperation and how those can be used to be innovative not only from a technical perspective but also in terms of how we use the resources and collaborate regarding the impact industries and other sectors have on water. True, water is extremely local in terms of quality and quantity. Meanwhile, transboundary water is also very important to understand and have a view on.
I personally believe in meetings, and not only meetings when we listen to speakers or panelists, but also bilateral and multilateral meetings and dialogues. I think, all of these kinds of meetings are part of how we can progress, cooperate and be a bit more innovative in how we handle the climate change aspects and impact it has on water and food and people’s health.